Sunday, 8th February 2009.
Espionage SC Line-up: Hafiz, Hariz, Hakim, Ridhwan, Noh, Bernard and Dillah.

Espionage SC has kept their unbeaten record- 6 match unbeaten streak since 19/12/2008. ESC carried their winning form and momentum from the big win against SMS team. The game started favoring ESC side as they drew first blood with a goal from Hafiz. In the early minutes of gameplay, its the ESC players who control the game as they exploited every cracks in the oppositions defends. As the game was in ESC's hand, the introduction of Syahmi by the opposition heats up the atmosphere as their hitman dented ESC defends with crucial goals. And the game were no longer one-sided, yet it was ESC who finish top with a difference of 10 goals. All of ESC goals were contributed by all ESC's players and another special moment as Noh (keeper) scored his first goal from a freekick. With a curling shot passed the defends wall and instantaneous dipped near the goal, leaving the whole opposition gasping for air. While at the other end of the field, celebratory chants especially from Dillah at the bench and congratulations gestures floods the keeper.

Another spectacular win, Great Work Espionage!

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