18/1/2009 - sunday

It was a game against the St Marg team on a fine cloudy afternoon at seria. On that day, Espionage completely annihilated their opponent with a staggering score 40 - 4. The biggest win yet for Espionage, completely overshadowing the previous record of 24 - 8 against the same team. Espionage SC brought an improved side with the a colossal attacking talents play led by Hafiz(c), Dilah, Bernard, Ravi, Ridhwan and Alley. While the the defences shown a big improvement only conceding 4 goals, he best so far. With Hazim, Hakim, Hariz and Noh taking the defences to the next level. In the whole gameplay, Espionage completely controlled the game from start to finish. Intercepting all threats and great laser-precision passes from midfield. There was no hint of stoping as Espionage cruises to their biggest win ever. The in-form Espionage team will clash swords against SMSA form 6 team on the 1st of February.

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