Friday, 27/3/09

Espionage SC 10 - 7 SAS team

ESC line-up: Hafiz, Hakim, Noh, Hazim, Wandi, Bernard and Buda.


Sunday, 22th March:

Espionage SC 27 - 15 SAS Team

ESC line-up: Hafiz, Hakim, Hariz, Ridhwan, Hazim, Dilah, Bernard, Wandi, K.Azri, Buda.


Sunday, 15/3/09

Espionage SC 16 - 11 Syame's gang

ESC line-up: Hafiz, Hariz, Hakim, Noh, Ridhwan, Hazim, Wandi, Hj Iqbal, Hj Iqzat, Bernard, Buda, Ravi.


Espionage SC's keeper Noh, ESC strikers Hafiz, Dilah and Dayat appeared on SHIMWORLD.

Please click on the link below, then scroll down. Special thanks to SHIMWORLD. Eventhough they won't be seeing this nor visiting here. hehe.