'The Sandstorm'

Espionage Sports Club is an unofficial Football club based at Belait District.
Viknesh, Hafiz and Hazim were the people behind the successful formation of this club in the mid of 2006.
The team's logo design were created by Hj Iqzat and Hj Iqbal in 2008. While the Senior's first kit was successfully accomplished in 2009 with the designing effort of kit designer, Hafiz and Hakim for helping in the process.
Away kit final design has been approved and the away kit is much anticipated within the team.

Top People
ESC Manager : Hazim
ESC Caretaker : Hakim
ESC Ace Captain : Hafiz
ESC Vice Captain : Hariz

 Espionage SC has members from all races - Malay, Chinese, Indian and Iban. ESC plays both beach soccer & street, currently ESC is more to street soccer. Currently there are about 20+ members. Most of the players are Ex-St Michael students.

Espionage SC started with only less than 7 players back in 2006. Then Espionage competed in their first friendly beach soccer competition organised by the SMS boys held at OGDC, Seria. Among all the team competing there, only Espionage SC survived until this day. With the addition of new players, this team has gained strength game after game, from occasional wins to a fairly consistent winning streak. The team now has much improved than the team 4 years ago, Now the team has the best attacking talents yet and the much improved defensive side. Registered & Protected

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